Partners was created by David J. Kosmider and is maintained by him and all of the following financial industry professionals who have committed to helping keep this calendar up to date. Please see the Submit page to get your name added to this list. Names are listed in random order and reordered with each update.

Last updated: Tuesday, December 22, 2015  10:49 AM (EST)


Bennett McDowell
Stephen W. Bigalow
Mike Ahern
Jim Kenney
Kristen Hayse
Silas Peters
Norman Hallett
Michael McNelis
Jean McDowell
Markus Heitkoetter
Casey Phelan
AJ Brown
John Halpin
Suzanne Snider
Hubert Senters
Keith Schneider
Jeanette Sims
Michele “Mish” Schneider
Edward C. Turner
Pat Johnson
Skip Shean
Eddie Kwong
Bryce Woodall
John Carter
Guy Cohen
Geoff Bysshe
Doc Severson
Brad Stafford
Todd Mitchell
David J. Kosmider